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Here's What It's Like to Work out Like Naomie Olindo at Charleston's HYLO Fitness


There are a lot of really fit people in Charleston. That's what I learned when I dropped in for a session at the gym Naomie Olindo credits with being a huge part of her fitness journey. This Southern Charm-er's abs are completely ripped, and I understand why now that I've attempted her workout. 

When I hit up HYLO Fitness' location in West Ashley for one of the gym's signature high-intensity classes during a visit to Charleston, my fellow classmates looked like they do this 50-minute workout combining rowing, biking, and weight lifting on the regular. And well, that's what Naomie does: In a recent Instagram, when someone asked how she stays so fit, she responded, "I make myself workout 3-5 times a week. Like really force myself. The only workout I do is @hylofitness in Charleston. The coaches push me and I need to be pushed."

Naomie explained last year how she transformed her body with a combination of challenging workouts and intermittent fasting. "1.5 years ago I was unhealthy and pretty unhappy about it," she wrote on Instagram. "Going to the gym once is easy, eating one healthy meal is easy, but doing it consistently more than not is hard! That’s why it works."

Clearly she found an exercise routine she can stick with, so I wanted to see what HYLO Fitness is all about: Here's a quick glimpse of what it's like to work out like Naomie.

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Madison Lecroy details her exact diet and exercise regimen


As Madison's Instagram followers are well aware, she considers exercise to be a major component in maintaining an all-around healthy lifestyle. "I try to work out at least four days a week, sometimes it’s three days. It’s all generally mental health for me, I crave it. I definitely feel that it makes me a little bit less on edge," she said.

In addition to working out at HYLO, "a really cool gym here in Charleston," Madison enjoys group classes because she's "very competitive."

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